This Australian Apartment Has a Full Bathroom Right in the

Every apartment has some sort of space-saving feature, like a bathroom with a washer and dryer, or a closet that has an office nook, and in the case of one Australian dwelling, a kitchen where you can take a shower.

Over in Adelaide, Australia, a rental property — priced at AUD$400 (about USD$276) a week — has gone viral after interested renters noticed that its kitchen has a glass-walled bathroom complete with shower and toilet, right next to the counter.

The 25-square-meter studio is in a heritage-listed late Victorian era building, constructed in 1892. Its listing describes it as, “Perfectly positioned within North Adelaide and set in small complex [sic], this property is perfect to call your next home.”

It adds: “This spacious, fully furnished upstairs studio offers the lifestyle that everyone deserves. Providing fantastic finishes, great access to all amenities and just step out on to O’Connell Street and enjoy some of the best eateries in Adelaide.”

Australians, of course, had jokes. One compared it to “your first custom house in The SIMS,” while another said, “is the stove in the bathroom too? Or do you cook in the fireplace?”

Several criticized the owners for violating building codes. The rules state that, “Each room containing toilet or bathroom facilities must afford adequate privacy to the user.” However, in an interview with ABC, real estate agent Rachel Lawrie explained that, technically, “The glass [in the bathroom] is frosted and tempered. Everything is to code.”

As unique as the place is, South Australia’s housing shortage, wherein vacancy rates sat at just 0.3 percent in May, will likely force desperate renters to take it. In fact, as of writing, the listing has already been taken down.

“The rental crisis is real,” said one commenter. Someone else chimed in: “I mean it’s funny, but it’s also not.”