Say goodbye to moldy produce with this genius TikTok kitchen

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Never worry about spoiling produce again thanks to this TikTok hack. (Source: iStock)

Do you go through your fridge the night before trash day only to discover you have to throw away half of your produce? Inside the fridge might be half a lemon from the time you made some lemon-infused water, a semi-sliced onion that has become dry and unusable because all you needed was a few slices for your salad and the other half of that tomato you wanted to eat but has turned rotten after just a few days.

Whatever the reason, finding good storage for produce can be difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, TikTokers have come to the rescue with this genius kitchen hack. OXO’s product is a must-have for anyone who wants to reduce waste and seal in the freshness of their produce. Keep on reading to see why you have to get this kitchen essential that’s less than $17 on Amazon.

Save your produce and your wallet

This set includes two colorful lemon and onion savers. (Source: Amazon)

This set includes two colorful lemon and onion savers. (Source: Amazon)

$16.95 at Amazon

OXO Good Grips are reusable holders you can use to store cut fruits and vegetables once the day’s cooking is over. These grips have a hinged, silicone lid that stretches over your produce and snaps shut onto the flat base to lock in freshness. By doing so, they not only keep your produce fresh but also prevent their smell from overpowering your fridge and other produce. These grips are dishwasher safe and their colorful design makes them easy to spot in the fridge.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. See what one Amazon shopper said about their new purchase: “Was really expecting to find an onion-y mess inside when I opened this up 3 weeks later. Nope!”

Stop throwing away fruit and vegetables every week and say goodbye to moldy produce with the OXO Good Grips. This genius TikTok kitchen hack will save you money by keeping your produce fresher longer. Grab a pack of two grips on Amazon today for less than $20.