‘I make thousands renting out my home for film shoots’

Film crews can rent her home for a minimum of three hours for £44 an hour. “You have to keep your home really tidy but it does pay the bills. I have made £1,000 a month before so it is a big help. 

It has taken me by surprise that I can make money in this way,” she said. Ms Shah, who rents it out through Peerspace, is planning to sell up and buy a new home at the end of the year, but will be specifically looking for homes that are well-suited to filming, she said. 

Nico Deoser, from Scouty, said the shoots booked on the platform tended to last one to three days. 

“You make your own rules. Some people decide to only rent out some parts of their homes, while others say they won’t have shoots past 5pm because they have kids,” he said. 

The average host on Scouty makes between £500 and £2,500 per month with just one to three bookings, he said. 

However, properties vary in price, with some charging £1,000 per hour, and can make up to £15,000 a month, Mr Deoser said. Others have made money out of their quirky and historic homes. 

Phill Haiselden, 60, who lives in Angel House, a Grade I listed Regency property overlooking Brighton’s beach, said he has been shocked by the scale of some productions. 

Of the shoots, the largest was when Mr Haiselden said he hosted a photo shoot with musician Paul Weller. 

“It was gobsmacking. There were 40 people on set, including the lighting crew who had been brought over from Canada. They really spared no expense,” he said. 

The Brighton home, which is now on sale for £3.75m with Savills, has also been used for scenes in Poirot and other photo shoots. 

Mr Haiselden charges £1,000 per day plus 20pc commission fee for the agency, but adds a premium for celebrities. But there is a limit as some productions can be too disruptive. 

“We were approached for an Amazon series, which I believe had Harry Styles in it, and they wanted to redecorate but we decided not to. The person who took it on would have been paid up to £30,000,” he said.