Having a great time at the Moco Museum

Having a great time at the Moco Museum

I am a traveler trough and trough. Traveling for me is somewhat a necessity in order to have a healthy lifestyle. I’m not saying that I always have to travel in order to stay sane, but I am saying that I can only truly unwind whenever I am traveling. Many of my friends feel the same way. There is nothing like experiencing a new country, a new culture, and meeting new people in order to leave the clutter and stress of home behind. It’s a big and beautiful way of distraction, basically. One of the best cities to find distraction is Amsterdam. I’ve been to Amsterdam three times, and that is rare for me. Normally, I only visit a city once. After that, it has lost its novelty. But I fell in love in Amsterdam. Every time I go there, I discover new and exciting things. Last month, on my third trip, I discovered the Moco Musuem. I’m not that much of a Museum person myself, but still, this was an amazing experience.

What is the Moco Musuem

You have a multitude of museums in Amsterdam. You have the Rijksmuseum or the NEMO science center. However, these all feel like your standard, typical museum. They all feel very misplaced in Amsterdam, the city of freedom. Contrastingly, the Moco Museum embodies the Amsterdam culture. It has an amazing collection of contemporary modern art from artist such as Mark Rothko or exhibitions such as The Kid exhibition. The Moco Museum offers a new view of what a museum can be. It is a place where everybody, young and old, can enjoy contemporary art. It feels free, exciting, new, and fresh. This to me is completely congruent with Amsterdam and what it represents: freedom and creativity.

Should you visit the Moco Museum

There is so much to do in Amsterdam that doing everything is not possible within your stay. However, whether you are an art connoisseur or a student mostly there for the nightlife, the Moco Museum should be on your bucket-list because it represents Amsterdam in a unique and fun way. The choice is fully up to you. Should you decide to go there, go by bike, and try to get your hands on a discount code. This truly is the Dutch way of living. The Moco Museum is right past the Rijksmuseum, so it’s also really easy to access.