Exec Guilty Of Embezzling Over $630K From Local Kitchen

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — The Director of Accounting and Human Resources for a kitchen remodeling firm with outlets in Mamaroneck, Bedford and Greenwich has entered a guilty plea in federal court to wire fraud.

Damian Williams, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Michael Driscoll, the Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Office of the FBI, announced that Susana Rivera, the former Director of Accounting and Human Resources for a kitchen remodeling firm located in Westchester County and Greenwich, Connecticut, pled guilty to wire fraud in connection with her embezzlement of more than $630,000 from her former employer.

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In October 2019, Rivera was hired as the Director of Accounting and Human Resources at Bilotta Kitchens, a family-owned kitchen design and remodeling business in Mamaroneck, Bedford and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Starting in November 2019, Rivera made hundreds of unauthorized charges in a total amount exceeding $175,000 to the victim company’s credit cards for personal expenses, including jewelry, beauty treatments, laser treatments, travel, pets, cosmetic surgery, clothing and cars, including a partial payment on a $100,000 Corvette. Rivera also caused the victim company’s payroll company to make unauthorized payments in a net amount of more than $370,000 to a fake vendor that she created to receive the money. Rivera also caused unauthorized transfers from the victim company’s bank account in an amount exceeding $2,900 to pay her personal utility bills.

To get restrictions on the use of the victim company’s credit cards removed, Rivera posed as an owner of the victim company in telephone calls with the company’s credit card company. She also sent the credit card company photographs of the owner’s driver’s license to cause credit card company personnel to believe she was the owner.

The 40-year-old pled guilty to one count of wire fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.