Bring your own toilet paper to Oahu public bathrooms

HONOLULU (KHON) — The Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation is currently experiencing a shortage of their industrial toilet paper you’d commonly find in City park bathrooms. 

They are blaming supply chain issues that are causing an increase in production costs and reduced raw materials. 

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The city is asking park users to bring their own toilet paper when going out to park bathrooms until DPR can find a steadier supply for the toilet paper they like to use.

During this time, they are reminding the public to not use “flushable” wipes, paper towels and clothing as an alternative to toilet paper. These types of items do not break down in their sewage system like regular toilet paper and can cause clogs which will result in bathroom closures. 

Only two things should be flushed down a toilet: toilet paper and bodily waste. 

DPR staff are also taking measures to try and offset the reduced toilet paper supply by stocking bathrooms with trifold napkin-style toilet paper or supplying smaller household rolls.

As a last resort, bathroom stalls may have to temporarily close if no toilet paper supply is available. 

DPR oversees approximately 216 bathrooms and comfort stations across Oahu which all utilize industrial toilet paper rolls. 

Right now, DPS said 106 cases of the industrial rolls are currently scheduled to be delivered for the first week of August. However, the department may actually only receive 90 cases.  

During the summer months, more people use public bathrooms. DPR said they usually receive 270 cases of industrial toilet paper rolls per week, so 90 cases are not enough. 

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DPS thanks park goers for their understanding and is hopeful they will find a solution in the near future.