Day: September 25, 2022


Autumn in Denmark, and the woodsman’s on his way | Gardening

We leave Denmark with the leaves falling. The rowan is reddening, berries and branches. The cherry trees turning like in a watercolour painting. Autumn’s gathering on the ground.

Bo, the woodsman, is coming. There are dividing trees to be trimmed. Many haven’t been touched in years. We are negotiating with our neighbour.

They want the wood taken away. We want branches thicker than a forearm kept for next year’s winter fires. We will pay the premium.

Bo is also here, though, to look at

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Current Obsessions: Shopkeeper Season – Remodelista

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The Luna Quiltalong – Quilt Kits

Welcome to Week 1 of the Luna Quiltalong. This week we will be talking about fabric selection.

This quiltalong is for everyone, but it will include extra information for beginning quilters. Feel free to skip over posts that aren’t helpful to you if you have a few more quilting years under your belt. The whole quilting world can seem pretty overwhelming at first and I want to be as thorough as I can.


This week we will be talking about the different cuts of fabric you can use to make the quilt, how to pick fabric that will be successful,

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