Day: August 4, 2022


$400K for burned home in million-dollar neighborhood

YORK, Maine — The lawn has been mowed and the garbage removed at the burned-out, rat-infested home at 21 Darcy Road, and now the town is preparing to sell it for $400,000.

“We’ve done a lot of cleaning. We’re getting it on the market,” said Town Manager Steve Burns, who along with Selectboard members heard complaints this spring about the house that burned in a February fire.

The board voted Monday night 5-0 to put the house on the market using Realtor Lianne Cronin, who gave the board a $400,000 price estimate based on prior sales of lots that involve

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Analysis: Starbucks can’t be America’s public bathroom

New York
CNN Business

Twenty years ago, then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was under pressure to build more public bathrooms. He responded with an answer that represents how most of the United States has handled public bathroom access for decades.

“There’s enough Starbucks that’ll let you use the bathroom,” he quipped.

And in fact, private companies like Starbucks

(SBUX) did step in for years to offer their public toilets as local and state governments essentially outsourced a public service to private companies.

Starbucks has at times embraced an open-bathroom policy, and shied away from it at others. Now,

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