Day: July 17, 2022


18 can’t miss Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 kitchen deals

What’s cooking over at Nordstrom this month?

A whole lot, including their super hot Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This year, the sale spans all categories including designer fashion, beauty, home decor and more, but we think the kitchen deals are especially tasty for 2022.

For some more information, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale officially kicked off for Nordy Club cardmembers on July 9, and then opened to the public on July 15 through the end of the month.

Savvy chefs and home cooks are in

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Old North St. Louis house goes from ruins to rental property

The Old North St. Louis home Jessica Payne now lives in was once shell of a building with four brick walls enclosing a pile of rubble that had been the interior floors and the roof.

Payne, who had been living in Old North St. Louis for the past seven years, said: “I always liked the neighborhood and had watched the house being rebuilt as a duplex from the basement up. I knew the owners and even some of the men who were working on it.”

When it was completed, and she had inspected

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Artisan Kitchen and Baths has everything you need from your

Is your kitchen or bath in need of a solid remodel, but you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed by the daunting task of starting it? Consider Artisan Kitchen and Baths for your remodeling needs made easy! Creating the perfect kitchen or bath for your home, family, and lifestyle takes dedicated professionals who listen, advise, and guide you through the process. Artisan Kitchens and Baths offers unique items that the others don’t, which will set your kitchen or bath apart from the rest! This team handles everything from design, to product selection and coordination, all within a price that fits your budget. Sales

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Homes for people with severe mental illness are rapidly

Mark Samuel has calculated how long his willpower will last before he closes a home for people suffering from mental illness who have little money to their name.

Thirty-six months.

Then he’ll tear down Sepulveda Residential in Van Nuys and put up apartments, or sell. Plans and permits for the demolition are ready to go. Developers have tried to cajole him into selling with eye-popping offers. Once he pays for the building permit, it’s a done deal.

The facility’s nearly 100 residents will have to move.

Some came from the streets or psychiatric hospitals and are at risk of returning.

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Philly Starbucks Allowed to Close Public Bathrooms After

  • Starbucks staffers in Philadelphia are permitted to close public bathrooms in the event of safety concerns. 
  • The shift comes after the company enacted an open-bathroom policy in 2018 following the arrest of two Black men. 
  • According to a Starbucks spokesperson, the Philadelphia shift is “not a change of policy” and instead a reiteration of existing policy that empowers employees to maintain safety.

Starbucks employees in Philadelphia can now close public bathrooms for perceived safety concerns — an apparent shift from the company’s existing open-bathroom policy.

As first reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the ability to close

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