Day: July 8, 2022


Kaiju Kitchen opens to public; New takeout place on Center

ST. ALBANS CITY — At the newly-opened Kaiju Kitchen, chef Taka Sato hasn’t quite figured out his noodle soup dish. 

Noodles are about as important to Japanese cuisine as pasta is to Italian foods, and the consistency just doesn’t quite work for the take-out menu. 

Liz Sato, Kaiju Kitchen’s co-owner, said he’s being “picky.” But that’s just kind of how Japanese culture works. 

Food is taken very seriously, she said.

A few St. Albans residents have probably already seen Taka Sato at work. Kaiju Kitchen, located at 15 Center St., has been under construction for the last few weeks, and

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Inflation is leading to higher summer property taxes

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) — As summer taxes begin to arrive this month, some homeowners like Greg Karavidas may be surprised at what they see.

“I opened the mail on Saturday and it was $12,306, which kind of threw me for a loop,” Karavidas said.

“What was going through your mind when you saw that? Did you think it must be a typo or something?” 7 Action News reporter Brett Kast asked.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Karavidas responded.

Karavidas bought his new home in Sterling Heights last year and was expecting his bill to be about $9,000. But instead,

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From ‘frat house’ to family home: A major remodel in

When a rainbow-painted gladiator statue is the housewarming gift from a builder to the homeowners, you know there must be a great story behind it.

“My grandmother’s cousin sculpted this concrete gladiator statue that had a lamp on top and eventually it ended up in my parents’ garage,” says John Frye, 43, who is in commercial air-conditioning sales. “My friend Matt loved it and brought it to our frat house when we went to college together in Cleveland. He spray-painted it silver and then … it sat in his parents’ basement for 20 years.”


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San Diego has a bigger percentage of million-dollar homes

A San Diego home for $1 million might seem commonplace now, but it is rare for the rest of the nation.

Just 4.71 percent of all owner-occupied homes in the United States were valued at $1 million or more, reports a new study based on 2020 U.S. Census data. In the San Diego metropolitan area, the share was nearly three times that — at 13.5 percent.

San Diego metro, which includes all of San Diego County, had the fourth highest share of $1 million-and-up homes, the study said. The No. 1 metro area was San Jose, with 52.9 percent, because

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Starbucks reconsidering open bathroom policy due to safety

Starbucks is considering an end to the “open bathroom” policy at its stores due to mounting concerns about public safety, CEO Howard Schultz said.

Schultz said Starbucks was exploring whether to alter the policy, which allows non-customers to use store bathrooms, due to a nationwide “mental health” problem that was posing difficulties for the coffeehouse chains’ employees.

“There is an issue of, just, safety in our stores, in terms of people coming in who use our stores as a public bathroom,” Schultz said during a New York Times DealBook event Thursday. “We have to provide a safe environment for our

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