Tips for The Average Joe

Tips for The Average Joe

Advantages of Variable Speed Drive

When you want to reduce the cost of energy and maintenance costs of your machines especially the ones that run on AC motor, you need to use variable frequency variable. Click here for more info about AC motors.

The first benefit of using variable frequency drive is that it saves a lot of energy. Variable frequency drive is helpful especially in cutting down the amount of energy consumption for running centrifugal load operations. For instance, a fan that is running at a half its speed, the horsepower that is required to run the fan is reduced down by a factor of 8. If you reduce the amount of energy consumption of your machinery, the amount of money spent on energy every month will as well go down.

You can also benefit from reverse operations when you use variable speed drive. Motors which are equipped with variable frequency drive does not require reverse starters since they are fitted with an electronic switch which can output reverse operation. Simplicity and lower cost of maintenance makes variable speed drive a better option as compared to reverse starter. Another advantage of electronic reverse switch found in variable speed drive is that they are much smaller in size and conserve the space that could have been occupied by reverse starter.

Variable speed drive has the ability to control starting current. In order to initiate AC full throttle a current of up to between seven to nine is needed to start load and motor. With a variable speed drive, the required amount of current for starting the AC motor is minimal which makes the life span of the AC motor to increase.

When you use variable frequency drive, you are likely to experience very few power line issues which are majorly caused by high-current starting demand and AC motor initiation across the line. High starting demand and AC motor initiation across the line usually cause the power line to sag which in turn cause problems to other devices like sensors and computers. The ability of the variable frequency drive to control current can help to avoid the sagging of the power line which brings issues to other devices.

The controlled speed-up process is another benefit that you stand to gain by using a variable frequency drive in your vehicle. AC motor and other devices linked to the distribution often experience mechanical problems such as mechanical shock, especially during the startup process. Mechanical shock normally causes a lot of damage to many devices like computers, sensors, and other electronic devices. With variable speed drive, the startup process is normally slow and smooth preventing issues like mechanical shock which in turn improves the longevity of AC motor and other devices.

Torque limit adjustability is possible with variable speed drive. The ability of the variable speed drive to adjust torque limit is beneficial in that it can protect machines and tools. Programmed variable speed drive can be used to adjust the limit of torque. Variable speed drive can also be used to control the amount of energy used by the tools and machines hence conserving energy.

Another advantage of using variable frequency drive is that mechanical drive component is not required. Varying speed component devices are less efficient and less effective as compared to variable frequency drive. The maintenance cost of a gearbox can be averted if you opt for variable speed drive.

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