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Facts To Understand Entailing The History Of Marijuana In The US

For epics, many people have used marijuana in the US and the plant has been legalized today and there is need for you to get acquainted with the history of the use in the US. Today, many people are learning about marijuana d they are always wondering why now and what has brought about the rapid change. Pinpointed below are some elementary facts that will help you understand the history of marijuana use in the United States.

In the 1500s, marijuana was traced with the Spaniards and they used to grow both hemp and marijuana for other purposes and never for the medicinal benefit. These people could even grow hemp and use it to develop ropers. This fact didn’t dispense the notion and the fact that other countries were aware of the medical benefits of marijuana and used it for pain relief.

It is during the time of civil war that populaces advanced their knowledge of the medical benefits of marijuana and could even use it as a treatment. Persons who were emotionally troubled and mentally sick could be administered to using marijuana as a treatment. In fact, people who affirmed extreme mental illness were subjected to higher amounts of marijuana as a treatment. In other instances, marijuana plant was used to deal with cases like loss of appetite, sleep and even as a pain relief. The prescription of marijuana for almost all health treated conditions progressed up to the 20th century where people started to develop some attitude towards it.

Mexicans migrated in large numbers to the US in 1930s and they flocked the streets with marijuana which they used for recreational needs and this led to the increased popularity of marijuana in the nation. It was in this era that alarms were raised concerning the drug and it was termed as the living threat for the children of the nation and this led to parents developing indisputable fear in regard to the plant as they were always afraid of the aftermath after their children got hold of the drug. This led to marijuana being termed illegal and where one was caught in possession of marijuana, a jail sentence was always waiting. The jail time for people who possessed marijuana was hiked up in the 1950s and one could serve a sentence not below 10 years and a fine of more than $15,000. Nevertheless, in the 1960s, things started changing as studies were facilitated and the jail term was shortened and one could even be given some punishment time instead.

Today, many people have acknowledged the power of marijuana and there are so many states where marijuana is legalized. This is due to the multiple medical benefits experienced. Today, there are multiple ways for using marijuana and this enables one to have multiple options.