A 10-Point Plan for (Without Being Overwhelmed)

A 10-Point Plan for (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Tips for Choosing a UX Design Agency

The large number of UX (user experience) design agencies nowadays does not indicate that choosing one is easy. Not so fast! You could get burned. Keep in mind that you need an agency that gives you a great digital product experience – which is what your customers want too. Before deciding who’s best for your project, take time to consider a few essentials.

Hire a company, not a person.

Whether it’s a 10-person or a 100-person company you hire, that may not make a difference. What does is skipping the freelancer. Unless this guy or gal has a solid reputation for reliability, they may just vanish and leave your website in limbo. Simply put, look for a UX firm that has demonstrated financial and operational stability. This is usually the type of agency that can guarantee a successful outcome and being able to scale with you. On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid too big companies that tend to have excessively rigid internal procedures. If a UX design agency has at least 200 employees, they may be too diluted to have any concrete power.

Their client list should include at least one major brand.

People usually overemphasize this. Even if a UX company hasn’t worked with Google or Facebook, that still doesn’t mean they don’t have brilliant designers on board. However, there should be at least a single biggie in their clientele. Otherwise, they might be a new company.

They are well-known in the design community.

Aside from working on digital products, good UX designers also usually support the design community. Check their website and see if they have a blog, a book or any material they publish regularly.

Actual UX process and design decisions should be part of case UX agencies’ case studies.

One thing you’ll find on all UX design websites are case studies. But don’t let flashy pictures impress you. See about their design process and stories. What were their challenges and how were these resolved? If you find something about actual design decisions they made for these projects instead of purely PR text lines, then that’s a positive sign.

They have to be nice people.

Take note that you and your UX agency will be spending a considerable amount of time together. If you’re not even comfortable in their presence, how can you expect your collaboration to be successful? Many people take this part for granted, which can lead to disaster.

Compare and then choose.

Finally, before you hire a UX designer, be sure to have considered a minimum of two or three other agencies. You can’t tell which is best for you unless you’ve made some comparisons.

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