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Things to Know about Sexual Assault

According to studies which have been conducted one out of every six women in the United States of America has been raped or attempted to be raped. What makes things complicated is that the criminals are not strangers like the kidnapers, or gang as you watch in the movies. The surprise is that the majority of the attackers are known by the victims, some are their relatives, friends, a colleague at work and fellow students at the school. If this surprises you then do not stop reading this article, go to the end, and you will discover more amazing facts about sexual assaults. The following are some of the facts about sexual assault.

One of the findings that you should know about sexual assault is that most cases are reported to have occurred in colleges. According to the research 20 percent of women will be sexually assaulted while still at college. This is because it is in college where the students are free from the rules and care of their parents; therefore most of the students engage in some activities which are not good like drinking alcohol. This was evident in the research because 90 percent of rapes that were reported by the victim the criminal was known to the victim, and the victim would be under the influence of alcohol. 73 percent of the sexual assault victims are usually first or second-year students.

The second vital thing to note is that among those who are sexually abused children too are involved. The research that has been published show that one in every four girls, as well as one in every six boys, is sexually abused when still below 18 years of age. The minor victims are likely to experience significant mental health challenges. What is surprising is that 93 percent of children who are sexually assaulted know those who attacked them. Most of their attackers are their family members, neighbor, and friends. This is the reason why Jessica’s Law was passed to protect the minor against sexual violence.

The other thing to know about sexual assault is that nearly half of the victims who live contract sexually transmitted infections. Research has it that 40 percent of all sexual assault victims will contract sexually transmitted infections like HIV, chlamydia or herpes. Most of the diseases that the victims are likely to contract are treatable, but others like HIV cannot be treated, so the victim will have to live with it throughout their life.

The information provided in this article are the true facts about sexual assaults in the society, the information is from reliable research centers and should, therefore, be treated as true facts.

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